19 January - James, Adele and Pro Tools

My husband and I enjoyed tremendously an intimate evening with two of my favorite lovely Brits: James Morrison and Adele. We were lucky enough to see their expressions from less than 10 feet away. The former is a squirrely jovial character with a smooth as silk voice. The latter is a beautiful 19-year-old songstress whose soulful voice booms effortlessly with such control. Her clever use of phrasing and tone resembles that of an actual instrument, much like the style of the brilliant Jill Scott. Her down-to-earth and whimsical banter made us feel we were catching up with an old friend over a cocktail in her living room.

Inspired, I thought I would keep on with the music theme. I forced myself to learn recording software we have had for months. Over the past 15+ years, I have recorded in studios for jingles, projectwork and albums, but I have never actually worked the board and edit bay. Technology has come an incredibly long way from Ira Antelis’ extensive Chicago recording studio, to me working at home on the same computer I addictively check email and Facebook. The interfacing, audio inputs, outputs, phantom power, bouncing, mono, editing fades with smart tools.... sounds simple individually, but together…a bit complex. Reading thru the Pro Tools manual was a bit intimidating, but nevertheless exciting when the project started to pull together thru trial and error. Here is my very simple version of “First Love” by Adele. Straight thru, 2 audio tracks, one vocal, no click track and apologetically, no effects to hide. I appreciate your patience!