5 October - Spa Service du Jour

I was curious about a certain salon service. Pretty much know what I needed to know. No longer curious. Enough said.

But I will comment on the new friends I made during the process. In between the wincing and Steve Carrell expletives, I listened to the stories of my wonderful esthetician, Bella. Appropriately named, she put me at ease. As she laughed at me -- I'm sorry, "with" me -- she spoke of her radiology technician days, the reasons for switching to a flight attendant, then finally finding her way to an esthetician in this stage of her life.

I could sense this position suited her well and made her feel most content. "I like making people feel relaxed. The lighting, the ambience... I truly enjoy helping clients in this experience." Funny... as I sit here with the antithetical service which does not necessarily correlate with that sentiment. But she did relax me, as we continued chatting of her 19-year-old daughter who is pursuing video production at Boston's Emerson College. It was nice to have met you, Bella. Perhaps I will see you next time under different circumstances. Note to self: Tylenol. And perhaps the personal monogrammed flask for the occasion.

I then proceeded to friend Sarah's salon, Blush, for a makeover. I met my friend Holly for some pampering and lunch. Lucky for me, I was paired with Carmelina, this natural, beautiful blonde of Italian descent. What an interesting lady with great stories. She had that, "What you see is what you get" air about her - authentic. She had always been a freelance makeup artist, with other jobs mixed in between. She lived in Los Angeles and trained under Laura Mercier when the company was in its infancy. She then moved back to chicago and was blessed with a 2-year-old daughter. Carmelina came to Milwaukee specifically for this event, and it was my fortune we met. I listened to her family, cultural and life stories, opinions of her dad's Italian side of the family, her grandmother and cousin Giuseppi...all conversations which I will keep between me and Carmelina.

After packing up our new facial goodies and saying goodbye to Sarah, I truly enjoyed my lunch with Holly. We had not "connected" in quite some time. Sure, quick emails here and there, but to actually see the person's face, reactions to the subject matter at hand, and of heart, is something personal. What a gem -- Holly, my true and loyal friend.

I left that afternoon half-giggling at the things I get myself into, or at least the questions of curiosity and inner monologues which lead me down certain paths. My personal philosophy is if I don't experience situations myself, I will only live through others; or simply just never know that piece of knowledge, which would eventually turn to wisdom.

Friend Jordan's Facebook status says, "It's better to regret the things that you've done than those you haven't." True true, my dear.

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